SMPS Virginia Happy Hour Virginia Beach Region

April 22, 2021
4:00 PM EDT - 6:00 PM EDT

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New Realm Brewing
1209 Craft Lane
Virginia Beach, VA 23454
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Virginia Beach Region Happy Hour

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About Us


The SMPS Virginia vision is to educate, elevate, and inspire members of the Architectural/Engineering/Construction (AEC) industry.

The SMPS Virginia mission is to be the premier resource for education, information, and resources in marketing professional services for the built and natural environment.


We currently have over 100 members with firms from Roanoke to Richmond to Virginia Beach. The Architectural/ Engineering/Construction (AEC) industry represents the majority of principals and marketers in our organization. We encourage all individuals involved in the aspects of marketing to participate in our programs and organization.


Anchored in Richmond, central Virginia balances the urban construction and infrastructure development programs sweeping the City. Richmonders maintain a deep sense of history while supporting the booming finance, energy, and manufacturing industries across our region. Our growing region supports a vibrant architecture, engineering, and construction (A/E/C) industry across the City, as well as in surrounding counties and municipalities. Easily reached by plane or train, we hold educational events and socials to support the diversity of the region’s A/E/C industry, often in cooperation with other industry organizations. 


Hampton Roads is a rapidly growing hub of infrastructure, military activity, and seasonal recreation. Spanning an area from the Virginia Beach coast inland to Colonial Williamsburg with all the rivers, wetlands and tributaries in between, the Hampton Roads area is home to some of the most delicate eco-systems and diverse terrain. Construction projects include coastline naval bases, railway from the Port of Norfolk, high rise and hotel expansions, maintenance of environmentally protected areas, and maintenance of several tunnels to accommodate heavy seasonal traffic.

Once home to military folks, retirees, and college students, the Hampton Roads area has become a destination for people of all ages in all types of industries. The area’s many large meeting spaces regular hosts conventions and seminars featuring industries from around the world. SMPS Virginia holds events in rotating locations across the Hampton Roads region, so you won’t always be on the wrong side of the tunnel! 


Western Virginia is often the forgotten part of Virginia but boasts unbelievably complex and stunningly beautiful vistas and opportunities for development. From sun-drenched wineries and snowy ski slopes to some of the more hallowed grounds of higher education, this part of the state has it all. We begin in the wind-swept highlands of the Blue Ridge Mountains and stretch to the coalfields of the Appalachian Mountains.

Our region supports a growing higher education market, housing such universities as the University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Radford University, VMI, Roanoke College, and medical colleges, just to name a few. These colleges and universities provide a stable market in architecture, engineering, and construction while supporting several growing local communities and municipalities. We are home to the Appalachian Trail, the New River, the Shenandoah Valley, and some of the most revered outdoor recreation in America. SMPS Virginia’s western region hosts specific events and we're looking for additional ideas on how to engage more members in this region!