Education Committee

The Education Committee facilitates quality training and continuing education for all levels of marketing and business development professionals while focusing on the 6 Domains of Practice (Market Research, Marketing Plan, Client and Business Development, SOQs/Proposals, Promotional Activity, Information, Resource and Organizational Management).

Education Director (Richmond)
Emily Barge | 3north

Education Director (Hampton Roads)
Carrie Kane | Hourigan Construction

Education Committee Members
Bailey Jennings | Timmons Group
Jennifer Byrd | 2rw
Crystal Jones | Glave & Holmes Architecture
Elizabeth Hathaway | W.E. Bowman Construction
Valerie James | WM Jordan Company

Annual Conference Chair
Ashley Moore | EnviroScience, Inc.

Annual Conference Committe Members
Jennifer Johnson | WM Jordan Company
Caitlin Freibertshauser | Barton Malow
Kelly Miller | RMF Engineering / CxAnalytics
Kelly Ritchie | Turner Construction Company 
Valerie James | WM Jordan Company
Lisa DaFoe | Wiley Wilson

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee focuses on initiatives that drive, support, recruit and sustain the membership of the Chapter. Activities surround welcoming and orienting new members, providing mentoring opportunities, providing member recognition and collecting feedback for the purpose of attracting and retaining members.

Membership Chair
Jenni Szabo | DJG

Committee Members
Stacey Higgins | JMT
Stede Barnes | Draper Aden Associates
Hannah Mahaffey | Martin Horn
Valerie James | WM Jordan Company
Coleen Moore | Keiter
Brian Bonson | RRMM Architects

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee promotes and engages the Chapter through various media outlets, maintains and updates the chapter website and social media platforms, and coordinates newsletter creation with the ultimate goal of raising awareness of the Chapter.

Communications Chair
Greg Stephenson | Timmons Group

Committee Members
Allison Throckmorton | Commonwealth Architects
Beth Von Kelsch | Enteros Design
Ellen Fohl | Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson
Katrina Spinner-Wilson | VHB
Shawana Ford | WM Jordan Company
Dave Chance | Dave Chance Photography

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee’s primary mission is to raise financial resources for the Chapter to ensure the continued implementation of our many educational, networking, and community based efforts.

Sponsorship Chair
Tenille Nuckols | KBS, Inc.

CPSM Committee

The CPSM Committee provides programs and guidance for professionals who wish to apply to be a Certified Professional Services Marketer. The committee offers an annual CPSM study program.

Committee Members
Lisa Dafoe | Wley Wilson
Pete Kienle | Kienle Communications


Courtney Neston | RRMM Architects

Advisors at Large
Nicole Foster | MSA, PC
Cheryl Browne | WM Jordan Company

Chapter Champion Fellow
Tom Townes | TST Marketing