Marketing Your Own Path Within the A/E/C Industry

May 09, 2018
11:30 AM EDT - 1:00 PM EDT

Timmons Group
1001 Boulders Parkway, 5th Floor
Richmond, VA 23225
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Conventional wisdom says that in order for A/E/C professional marketers to grow in their careers, they must climb the same old ladders from one rung to the next. Opportunities abound, however, for those willing to take ownership of their career path. There is room for innovation and experimentation to change the course of your career, without changing jobs. Learn how to leverage your expertise to advocate for the role that you want, while finding a balance between what you want to do and what your company needs you to do. Jen McGovern will share her own experience doing just that, and provide insight and actionable tips for how to create the job of your dreams while demonstrating value to your firm. 

About Jen McGovern

Jen McGovern, CPSM, is the Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager for VHB, a 1,300-person engineering firm with 24 offices, including four in Virginia. Jen serves as the Director of SMPS DC’s Career Advancement Committee, which is responsible for the Guru Guidance mentorship program, the CPSM Boot Camp study group, and the #LikeABoss Leadership Development Series. She achieved her CPSM certification in 2015.


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