Part 1: InDesign for Beginners!

March 25, 2021
12:00 AM EDT - 1:15 PM EDT


Join SMPS Virginia as Julie Shaffer, CPSM from Shaffer Creative, LLC presents to both beginngers and those refreshing their skills in an interactive InDesign program for part 1 of a two-part series with Julie Shaffer!  

Topics include:

  • Workspaces: Look at the InDesign workspace and talk about each area and its use.
  • Panels: Set up and save a workspace with the common panels we use for proposals.
  • Pages: Create pages, set up master pages, add/delete pages, create sections, and create page numbers.
  • Text Frames: Add text frames, thread text, place text, and discuss best practices.
  • Graphic Frames: Add, resize, fill, move, and place into graphic frames.
  • Q&A


Shaffer Creative Training

Whether you’re a graphic design rookie or an established marketing whiz, there’s always something new to learn. Adobe Certified Expert in InDesign Julie Shaffer, CPSM, can guide you through the wild, wild world of
marketing software and writing techniques, helping you hone your skills and get ready for that next big project. An award-winning designer, Julie has spent nearly 20 years kneedeep in proposals, honing her InDesign skills and mastering other software for efficiency, consistency, and automation with the goal of expediting content layout so she can focus on creative strategy and messaging.

Now you can learn her mind-blowing design techniques that you will use right away during these fan-favorite sessions. Add experience points to your graphic design and proposal production knowledge with efficient stylecreation techniques, savvy scripts, handy libraries, and much more!



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